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Day star arises

Posted by forthisday on February 22, 2006 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

For in that day…A fountain shall be opened for the line of David…to remove all sin and impurity. (Zechariah 13:1)

For this day…You shall draw water with joy from the springs of deliverance. (Isaiah 12:3)

Day star arises within…Your light will rise like dawn out of darkness and your dusk be like noonday, Yahweh will be our guide continually and will satisfy our needs in the shimmering heat, He will give us strength of limb, we will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose water never fails (Isaiah 58:10-11)

For in that day…Our Messiah bore our sufferings, our torments, He endured, dripping His blood unto the tree. He gave a loud cry and breathed His last…The curtain of the temple was torn from top to bottom. (Matthew 27:51)

For this day…He was pierced on His side and at once there was a flow of blood and water…the cleansing of living water to wash the effects of our transgressions and wounds afflicted on ourselves and from others. (John 19:33-35)

Day star arises within…The time approaches; indeed it is already here, when those who are real worshippers will worship in Spirit and in Truth. (John 4:23)

For the Word of Yahweh is alive and active. It cuts more keenly than any two-edge sword, piercing as far as the place where life, spirit, joints and marrow, divide… (Hebrew 4:12)

The blood of Yahshua makes us free to enter boldly into the sanctuary…living way which He opened for us through the curtain…having our approach in sincerity of heart and will full assurance of faith, our guilty hearts sprinkled clean, our bodies washed with pure water. (Hebrew 10:19-23)

“The water that He shall give will be an inner spring always welling up for eternal life” (John 4:14)

“As our salvation shall be forever” (Isaiah 51:6)

“Having the keys to heaven, what you allow on earth shall be allowed in heaven” (Matthew16:19)

"Becoming the garments of praise, ministering unto our Daddy’s heart"(forthisday. 2006).